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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Power To A Power Law
When a power is raised to an exponent simply multiply the two exponents together to get a new power.

Power Of A Product Law

When a product is raised to an exponent you can re-write each number in the product to the same exponent.

Product Of A Quotient Law

When a quotient is raised to an exponent you can re-write each number in the quotient with the same exponent.

Anything to the exponent 0 is 1

Anything to the exponent 1 is to itself

1 to any exponent is 1

If there is a negative exponent in the numerator or in the denominator just simply flip it to turn it into a positive.

These are what these numbers are called when they are written like this.

Here is the question we did using BEDMAS


All 3.4 textbook work


  1. Great Job Jennily! I like how you used the pictures to explain the laws and how you explained it in a very understanding way I like how you used different colors when you explained the different laws. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good job Jennily! I liked how you used pictures in your post. I really helped to explain your thoughts. Not only that, but you did a great job on explaining your work. However, you could have explained the BEDMAS question a lot more, and explained which steps you did first and why. Overall, good job.