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Monday, November 14, 2011

Bj's Math Question

13. A submarine was cruising at a depth of 153 m. It then rose at 4.5m/min for 15 min.

a) What was the submarine's depth ate the end of this rise?
The depth of the submarine is 67.5m
What I did was I multiplied 4.5 by 15

- 4.5
x1 5

b) If the submarine continues to rise at the same rate, how much longer will it take to reach the surface.

It will take the 19 min to take the submarine to reach the surface.

1)What I did was I to subtracted the depth of the submarine to the end of it's rise.
2)Then I multiplied 19 min to the min of the end of it's rise.
3)Finally, I subtract 85.5 by 85.5.

1) 153

2) 1 9
x 4.5

3) 85.5
- 85.5


  1. Great Post Bj. You had good explanation of how you got your answer. Although when you said the answer was 19, I didn't understand how you got it.

  2. Nice job BJ!I like how you explained your answer and it was very clear. The only thing I don't understand is how you got 19?

  3. Good job Bj! You explained your answer very well, for question b you should put how you got 19 minutes, other than that great job

  4. Good job BJ! it was easy to understand the answer, but next time use colours to put the important words.