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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Melanie's Test Question #5

The question I was given:

To solve this question, you should know the rules of BEDMAS.

B rackets
E xponents
D ivision
M ultiplication
A ddition
S ubtraction

* Always work from left to right.

Using the rules of BEDMAS, I knew that I had to do the division part of the question first.

In order to do long division with decimals, you must change the decimals to whole numbers. The number of decimal places you move the decimal of the divisior, you must do the same to the dividend.

Now, you can use long division to figure out (-56) divided by 20. This game me an answer of 2.8.

The next step would be the multiplication.

Next, simply multiply the two decimals.
Please ignore the fact that I forgot the negative sign before 5.78.

Now that I have solved both the division and multiplication portions of the equation, I am left with:

To do the last step of this problem, what I did was use integer chips just to make it easier for myself. Then I subtracted 2.8 from 5.78. This gave me 2.98.

-Chapter 3.1 and 3.2
-Get on Mangahigh

**I apologize for not having any colour on my post, for some reason I wasn't able to change the colours.


  1. Great Post Melanie!I liked how you used the pictures to explain how you solved the question and how you used the chips to help you solve the question.Too bad you weren't able to use different colors,Keep up the good work!

  2. Good job Melanie! I liked how you used pictures to show your work and you also explained your steps in words. Also how you explained what BEDMAS is. good job!

  3. Nice post Melanie! It was very organized and you explained which step you had to do first and how to do it. Your pictures were easy to understand and it was simple. Other than that keep up the good work!

  4. Amazing post, Melanie! It was well explained and organized. I liked how you were really detailed with your steps, and your pictures were clear. It would have been great if you added in a link, but other than that you did a terrific job!