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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chapter 2.1: Question # 26

The question that was given to me was:
22. Replace each box with<> or a = to make each statement true.


1. first step is to find a common denominator:

2. determine the answer:
so -18/12 18/2 are equal.

Answer: the answer is =


1. Turn the decimal into a fraction
2. find a common denominator
3. determine the answer.
The two fractions are -9/10 and 10/15
since 10/15 is a positive number it is higher than a negative number

Answer: the answer is <

step 1: turn mixed fractions into an improper fraction
-(1x10+3)= 13
step 2:determine answer.
both numbers are (-13/10)
Answer: the correct answer is =


1. turn the mixed fraction into an improper fraction
-(3x5+1)= -16
-16/ 5

2. turn the decimal into a fraction
-3.25x 100= -325/100 or - 65/50 or -13/25

3. find the common denominator

4. determine the answer:
-13/25 -80/25

Answer is: >

-8/12 -11/5

1. Find the common denominator
2. determine the answer
-40/60 -132/60
Answer: >

F) - 2 5/6 - 2 7/8

1. turn the mixed number into and improper fraction
-(2x5+6)=- 16 -(2x7+8)= - 22

2. find a common denominator.
3. Determine the answer.
-128/48 or -132/48

Answer: >


  1. Great post John. Your post really had a lot of work and it was very well explained. Also your post included how to get the answer.

  2. Great job john! Next time try to make it a little more neat, but your post was very good! I agree with Paul, it was very well explained and it included how to get the answer.

  3. Good job John! Your post was very easy to read and it was very organized. I liked how you had pictures in your post. Also, you showed your work well. However, I suggest you add some color in your scribe and possibly adding how you do each step would be helpful as well. Overall, you did a great job.

  4. Good job John! In some of your pictures, it was hard to understand what you wrote. I like how you showed ALL of your steps to getting the answer. It helped a lot!