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Monday, November 28, 2011

Question # 2- JohnChua

write an example of a rational number in a/b form.

A. the number has a value greater than -6 and a denominator greater than -3
because negative 5 is greater than negative 6 and negative 2 is greater than negative 3

B.the number is greater than zero and has a numerator less than the denominator

C.The number is between 1.4 and 1.5 with a denominator less than zero
Why? because -145 over -100 is between the two number and is less than zero, it is between because it has 2 negative sign which is positive, therefore in between.


  1. Great post John! I liked how you explained how to get an example of a rational number to a/b form.Your pictures were kind of hard to read but your overall was good. Next time try using more colors!Keep up the good work!

  2. Good job John! Your blog was simple and straight to the point. Although your pictures weren't that neat and the numbers were hard to read. Also, next time you should write where your question was so if people want to see what they did, they could easily find it. Other than that, good job.

  3. Good job, John! I liked how you explained your steps well and showed how it's the right answer. Next time, try adding in some colour. Keep it up!

  4. Good job John! I liked how you had pictures in your scribe, as well as explaining everything. However, the pictures/numbers were hard to read. Overall, you did a great job.