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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Derec's Math Question

17. Chu needs carpet for a square room with an area of 15 m^2. The store sells carpet from rolls 3.8m wide. Will the store be able to install the carpet without a seam ? Justify your answer.

No, because the sides of the room are 3.87m, which is larger than the width of the carpet roll.

√15 = 3.87
3.87 x 3.87= 15


  1. Good job Derec! I like that you explained your work but you could've explained it more like how do you know that they won't be able to install the carpet without a seam. You could've added a picture to show you work. But overall good job.

  2. Good Job on your post Derec! It was short and simple, but highlighting words and adding pictures would have been better. Also, deleting the extra space not needed. Overall keep it up!