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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Krizna's Math Question

2.4 Question # 24

24.The distance d in kilometers , that a person can see a person can see across the ocean to the horizon is given by the formula d = square root of 12.74 x h. In the formula h is the height, in meters, of the persons eye above that the water.Calculate the distance that each of the following people can see across the ocean to the horizon. Express each answer to the nearest tenth of a kilometer.

A)Adele is sitting on a lifeguard station at the edge of the ocean. Her eyes are 4.1m above water.
Answer:14.6 km
D=square root of 12.74 x 4.1 m
D=14.634186 m
Nearest tenth:14.6 km
D=14.6 km

B)Brian is standing at the waters edge .His eyes are 165 cm above the water.
Answer:588.9 km
D=square root of 12.74 x 165 cm
Nearest tenth: 588.9 km
D=588.9 km

C)Yvonne is the pilot of an aircraft flying 5km above the coastline.
D=square root of 12.74 x 5 km
Nearest Tenth: 17.8 km
D=17.8 km


  1. Great Post Krizna! I think you should add more colours to seperate the question from the answer. Anyways, good job!

  2. Great post Krizna. It was great that you showed us how you got the answer other than just answering it. Next time add a little more color and it would be nice to see some picture. Other than that, great job.