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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marilen's 2.4 #34 Question

-- What I Did --

Step 1.
First, I plugged in the numbers in the equation. A = 40m2.

Step 2.
I then solved the equation inside of the square root. So I did 40m2/π.
Rounded to the nearest hundreth place, 40/π = 12.73

Step 3.
You must now solve the equation of the square root of 12.73.
So, R= 3.6m, rounded to the nearest tenth.

A link to squares and square roots
A video to square roots:


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  2. Nice job Marilen! Your post was easy to understand and you explained everything well. However, sometimes I got confused with your pictures. So I think that for your pictures of each step, you could have included just what you did in that one step, rather then including what you did in the previous step. Or you could have made a box of a different colour around what you did in that particular step. Anyways, it was nice that you included both a link and a video in your post. Great job!

  3. Good Job on this post, Marilen! I thought the pictures were nice and clear and this post was easy to understand. It was great that you put a link and video. Keep it up!

  4. Good job Marilen! Your post was very neat and very easy to understand. I liked how you explained everything really well. I also liked how you added pictures of each step. It was great that you included a link and a video in your post. Keep it up!