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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ivan's Math Question 2.4 #29

Question: The speed of sound in air, s, in metres per second, is related to the temperature, t, in degrees Celsius, by formula s =√(401(273+t) ). How much greater is the speed of sound on a day when the temperature is 30◦C than on a day when the temperature is -20◦C? Express your answer to the nearest metre per second.

Since there are two temperatures, you can find two s's.

So find 30◦C first.273+30=303
303x401 = 121503
√121503 = 348.57

Then you find the second one -20◦C.
273+ -20 = 253
253x401 = 101453
√101453 = 318.52

Then I did.
348.57 - 318.52 = 30.05

S.S: The speed of sound on a day when the temperature is 30 degrees C is greater by 30m/s than on a day when the temp. is -20 degrees C.


  1. Good job ivan you explained your work very well. Next time you should try putting some of the important words or numbers in different colours.

  2. Good Job on your post Ivan. I liked how you explained how you got your answer well. I also liked the simple sentence at the end. But you could have added colour and even pictures!

  3. Good job explaining your work but next time try adding pictures so we can understand it better. I liked how it was also neat but again, try adding some color to make things pop out. Overall, good job