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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kevin's Math Question

I was told to answer question #27 in 2.4 of our textbooks.
The question states as follows :

My first reaction when I saw the question was confused, until I thought about the individual faces of the cube.

Here is my work :

It may seem silly to show long division of a number that will result in a non terminating decimal. But it shows how a person can get such an answer.

So as a result, the edge length of a cube that has a surface area of 100cm^2 (rounded to the nearest tenth of a centimetre) is 4.1cm.


  1. Great post Kevin! I really liked how your font was big and easy to read. It stood out really well. Your pictures were also clear and neat. I liked how explained what you did for each step, it makes it easy to understand what you did. Keep it up!

  2. Great Job Kevin! I liked how you post was simple and neat. It was really easy to follow, and understand. I like how you use neat pictures to help show your work. Keep up the good work!