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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chapter 2.4 Question # 16

To find the side length of a square you would have to square root the area which is 10. Therefore, the square root of 10 is 3.16m.

I multiplied 3.79 by 10 to find out how much area the paint will cover, which was 37.9. Then I found the side length by finding the square root of 37.9. That gave me the answer of 6.16m.

First I multiplied 4.6 by itself to know what the area is which is 21.16. Then I multiplied it by 2 since Nadia is applying two coats of paint which got me to 42.32. After, I divided it by 10 referring to question 16 a) stating that a 1L can of paint covers an area of 10m. And then I got the answer of 1.2L.

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  1. Great post Angel! You explained how to get the answer very detailed. Anyways, good job!

  2. Awesome post Angel! I really like how you explained everything in a way that was easy to understand, yet you still managed to explain things with good detail. One minor suggestion I have for you is maybe taking clearer pictures. Also, it was a good idea to give us a reminder of the homework. Keep up the great work!

  3. Amazing post, Angel! I liked how you explained how you got the answer and it was clear for me to understand. Something I could suggest is maybe only use colour on the important key words, like the answer for example, instead of the whole steps. Keep it up!