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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ivan Salvadors Math Question

Andrew drove his car 234 km from Dawson to mayo in Yukon territory in 3 h. Brain drove his truck along the same route at an average speed of 5 km/h greater than andrew's average speed. How much less time did brian take, to the nearest minute.

Key things to KNOW!
60 Minutes in 1 Hour
180 Minutes in 3 hours

Show my thinking:

I made a mistake, Instead of 180-161=11. It's supposed to be 180-169. Sorry.

234/3 = 78
234/83= 2.819
2..819*60= 169

Brian beat Andrew in 11 Minutes.


  1. Great post Ivan. Your post really included a lot of detail and steps. Also its a good thing to talk about the key informations.

  2. Good job Ivan! You seemed to have the same question as me .. Interesting. Well I got the same answer as you and found my answer this way as well, so I don't see anything wrong..

  3. Good post Ivan! It's good that you showed your work and explained it well. Good job!

  4. Good job Ivan! It's great how you explained your work with a lot of details. I really like how you corrected your mistake instead of just ignoring it.