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Monday, November 28, 2011

Question # 3 - Ryan Bautista

# 3 Hakim and Joe bought a large pizza. They split it in half. Joe ate 7/10 of his half. Hakim ate 7/8 of his half. How much pizza did each person eat? Express your answers as fractions in lowest terms.

Since there is the word "of" , it means you have to multiply.


I multiplied 7/10 by 1/2 because 10 is half of what he ate. The amount of pizzas he ate is 7/20.


I multiplied 7/8 by 1/2 because 8 is half of what he ate. The amount of pizzas he ate is 7/16.


  1. Nice post Ryan! I liked how your pictures were easy to see and you bolded important facts that were in your problem. You also explained how you got your answer. To improve your blog, you could have said where your question would be found so people can find it in their notes. Other than that good job!

  2. Good job Ryan! I liked how you explained everything well. Your pictures were easy to understand, as well as your information. However, you could have added a link or video in your blog. Overall, good job.