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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thessa's Math Question

23. A rectangular floor that measures 3m by 2m is covered by 384 square tiles. determine the side lengths of each tile, in centimetres. State any assumptions you make.

First I converted M to CM.

3Mx100= 300cm
2Mx100= 200cm

Then I got the new area in cm. 300x200= 60 000 cm²

Then I divided the new area by the number of tiles.
60 000 ÷ 384 = 156. 25 cm

156.25cm² is the area of one tile.

Then I found the square root of that area to give me a side length.
√156.25 = 12.5 cm

*12.5 cm is the side lengths for each tile*


  1. Good job Thessa! I really like your use of colour and pictures. You kept everything short and simple and told us exactly how you got your answer. I like the method you used to find your answer,where the very first thing you did was convert the measurements. I used a different method, and yours is very helpful.I enjoyed your post. Keep up the good work.

  2. Good job, Thessa! I liked how you used pictures to show your work. I also like how you used colors to highlight all the numbers and to show what you were doing. Also, great job on telling us what to do to get the answers. Overall, great job! Keep it up!