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Sunday, November 20, 2011

John Chua's Math Question

My question is #15 of chapter 2.4

Question is:
Kai needs to replace the strip of laminate that is glued to the vertical faces on a square tabletop. The table top has an area of 1.69m^2. What length of laminate does she need?
How to do this question.
So, you have to find the side length, since the shape is a square we shall square root the number.
so the answer is 1.3m.
to check if the answer is right you will have to multiply it by itself.

S.S The length of the laminate that she need is 1.3m.


  1. Good job John! Your work was easy to understand and your picture were clear to see. But what i suggest you to do for next time is to explain more why you had to square root the area. But overall good job!

  2. Good job on your question John! I liked how you added pictures and bolded word. But the pictures could have been better if you used the straight line on paint :P Overall, keep it up!

  3. Great job John! You explained things well. I liked how you added pictures to make it more easy to understand. Although your picture was pretty difficult to read. You could have used straight lines on paint and should add more color to make your post fun and exciting to look at. But overall, great job. Keep it up!