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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chapter 2.3: Question #9

The question I was given:

Step 1:

To find 1/3 of 39, first you have to divide 39 by the denominator (3). So 39 divided by 3 is equals to 13. After, you multiply 13 by the numerator (1). 13x1=13. Then, you subtract 39 to 13 which gets you 26.

Step 2:
To find 1/4 of 26, first you divide 26 by the denominator of 1/4 which is 4. So 26 divided by 4 is equals to 6.5. Then, you multiply 6.5 by 1 which gets you 6.5. So 1/4 of 26 is 6.5. To find the remaining debt, you subtract 26 to 6.5 and it gets to 19.5.

Lori paid her mom $19.50


  1. Great post Tonie. Your steps were really explained very well. In the question it said how much does Lori still owe her mom not how much she paid her.

  2. Good post Tonie! Your answer is very well explained. Also, I liked how you put how you did it in a big picture.

  3. Great post Tonie. You explained it very well and showed all your work, one mistake you made was instead of putting how much she owed her mother you put how much she paid.

  4. Great post Tonie! I didn't understand how to find the answer of this question when we had to do our textbook work but you explained it very well so now I know what to do. I like how you included all the steps and put pictures, everything was clear. Other than that good job!