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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Question #12 in section 2.2

I drew a picture to represent the question so I could understand it better.

A) Write an expression using rational numbers to represent the length of the pelican's dive.
Answer: 3.8 - (-2.3)
Since it's asking the length of the pelicans dive (how far it traveled) you need to start of with it's starting point which is 3.8. Then you need to add how far it went down which was 2.3 below water (-)

B) How long is the pelicans dive?
Answer: 3.8 - (-2.3) = 6.1 meters.
1) Line up the numbers properly, one on top of the other
2) Add the numbers up
3) Place the decimal in the right place
4) Remember the sign rules (+) (-)

The pelican dived a total of 6.1 meters

If you need more help, here is a link:
Here is a video:

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  1. Great Post Diorella. Your post really included a lot of detail and your picture also really helped to show what happened in the instructions.

  2. Good job Diorella! Your post was very neat and well organized. Also, you had a lot of information to back up your details. I also liked how you included the steps on answering your question. It was very well explained. Adding pictures was great as well. Lastly, I liked how you included a link and video.

  3. Good job Diorella! Your post was very neat and easy to read. I like how you made the question and you answer in two different colours. I really liked how you added a video if people needed more help.