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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Math Textbook: 2.2 #17- Mark Castillo

What I first did for this question was add 1.35m and 0.83m:
1.35 + 0.83= 2.18m

Next it says that there is an end overlapping and is 12cm long.

I made 12cm into 0.12m because there is 100cm in 1m and in decimal form it would be 1.00m.

Then all you have to do next is subtract 2.18m and 0.12m
2.18 - 0.12= 2.06

The total length of the new pole in meters is 2.06m.


  1. Great post Mark. Your explanation on how to get the answer was really detailed. Also good job knowing about the 100 cm in 1 m.

  2. Great Job Mark! You explained the answers really well.