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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Allison's Math Question

21. Andrew drove 234 km from Dawson to Mayo in Yukon Territory in 3 hours. Brian drove the same route but 5km/h more than Andrew's average speed. How much less did Brian than Andrew?

What we know:
-Andrew drove 234 km in 3 hours
-Brian drove 5km/h more than Andrew.

Step 1) How many kilometres did Brian drive?
We would add 5km to 234 to get 239km.

Step 2) How many kilometres did Andrew drive in an hour?
We would divide 234 by 3 because he drove 3 hours and to find 1 hour we would divide by 3.
Our answer should be 78km/h

Step 3) How long did it take Brian to drive to Mayo?
To find our answer we would divide Andrew's distance (234) by Brian's distance (78+5= 83)
Our answer would be 2.81 (hours)

Step 4) Convert 0.81 into minutes
0.81 x 60 = 48.60
We would round the minutes up so 49 minutes.

Step 5) To find the less amount time of Brian we would subtract Andrew's time from Brian's time:
Andrew = 2h 60mins
Brian = 2h 49mins
Our answer would be 11 minutes.

Brian took 11 minutes less time than Andrew did.


  1. Great Post Allison. Your steps on getting the answer is explained very well.

  2. Nice job Allison! You explained your answer very good! I did not see any errors.

  3. Good job Allison. Your post was great because you put all the steps that you did to get the answer, I also liked how you used different colors for the answers.

  4. Good job Allison! I liked how you stated what you knew from the problem and you explained how you got your answer very well. But I suggest you use pictures and less words to show what you're doing because I found it hard for me to visualize what you were doing. Also, good job on remembering the simple sentence! Good job.