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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chapter 2.3: Question #16


Boris has 2 1/2 times as much cash as Anna. Charlie has 3/4 as much cash as Anna. Anna has $25.60 in cash.

a)How much cash do the three people have altogether?

b)How much more cash does Boris have than Charlie?


a) The three people have $108.80 all together.

1) First I multiplied 2 1/2 by 25.6o.

2) Second I multiplied 3/4 by 25.60

3)Then for question a) I added how much Boris had, which was $64, then added how much Charlie had, which was $19.20, then lastly I added how much Anna had, which was $25.60.

b) Boris has $44.80 more than Charlie.

1) I used the answers i got from question a) for question b).

2) I subtracted what Charlie had, which was $19.20, from what Boris had, which was $64.


  1. Great Post Glenesse. You did a great job on what you did to get each answer for each step.

  2. Nice job Glenesse! Your work was very well explained and showed.

  3. Great job, Glenesse! I really like how you showed all your work and showed your work with pictures!

  4. Great post Glenesse! Your work helped me understand the question better.