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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ishaka's Math Question

Question 13 in 2.3
The diameter of Pluto is 6/17 the diameter of Mars. Mars is 17/300 the diameter of Saturn.

a) What fraction of the diameter of Saturn is the diameter of Pluto
b) The diameter of Saturn is 120 000km. What is the diameter of Pluto?

To figure out these questions we would need to find out the diameter of Mars.

To do that you would have to multiply 17/300 by 120 000/1
Which would equal 2 040 000/300
Then you would have to divide 2 040 000/300 to get Mars' diameter.
Mars' diameter equals 6 800km
Now that we have found the diameter of Mars we can find the diameter of Pluto.
6/17 x 6 800/1 = 40 800/17
Then divide 40 800/17 to get 2 400km

Then just simplify 2 400/120 000 which is 1/50
Question a) = 1/50

Question b) Was answered already (2 400km)

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  1. Good post Ishaka! I like how you used pictures to show your work!