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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mark's "Using Exponents to Find Area" Post

They all use exponents to find the Surface Area.

Use Reciprocals to answer questions like this.

2.4 Show You Know
Check Your Understanding - 1, 2
Practice Odd or Even - Apply All
Extend #13
Homework Book
Extra Practice
Manga High Challenges

BJ will be doing the next blog.


  1. Good job Aldrin! I liked how you made pictures to show your work, next time try explaining WHY you had to do the steps you did for the last question. Try adding a bit more color as well. Keep it up!

  2. Good Job Mark! I liked how you made the pictures really big and easy to read!I also agree with Diorella and trying to add more colors!Keep up the god work!

  3. Good job Mark! I liked how you made pictures to show your work and made them very easy to follow. I also agree with Diorella trying added explaining why you had to do those steps for the last one. but overall, you had a good post.

  4. Good job Aldrin! I liked how you had color and pictures in your blog. However, maybe you could have added examples for each formula. Also, you might want to expand on explaining the reciprocals and negatives.