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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Rules of finding the decimal/fraction between decimals


1) Imagine as many zeros as you want after the least place value after decimal.

2)Put a digit in the next place value.

3) Change decimal into a fraction...... simplify if possible.


Find the fraction between
0.452 and 0.453
\ /
45,230 22615
------- = ------
10,000 50000


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  2. Good post BJ! Next time put a picture to show your work so that it attracts peoples eyes. Remember to say who is doing the blog next!

  3. Nice post Bj!Good job with showing the rules but next time add more examples because we had a lot during class. Also I think you could've simplified the fraction more. Another thing you could've done was added pictures or colour into your blog so it attracts people to your blog. Other than that, good job!

  4. Good job Bj! Next time you should add more examples and try drawing a diagram for your example so it's easier to understand for the viewers. You did a good job putting up the rules, try putting videos and links to help us more next time too! Keep up the good work.

  5. Good Job on your post BJ. Your post was really good based of information and how you had an example. Although, next time you should add more examples and other further information like a link of a video.

  6. Good job BJ. Your post had information and some examples, I suggest that you explained it more because we had more notes about this topic, other than that great job.

  7. Good job BJ. I think you should have more information on your scribe, like having more examples. Also, have some color, a link or a video.

  8. Nice job BJ. Next time you should add a little more to your post like more information and some pictures would be nice. You can also add examples and also a link and a video to make it better.