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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rational Numbers and Reciprocals

In class, we learned about different ways of finding the value of x when dealing with rationals.
There are three ways:

WAY #1:

WAY #2:
WAY #3:

We were asked to find a way to make the following fractions equal:

To do this, you must use cross multiplication.

This means that when you cross multiply, you simply multiply the two numbers that are opposite from each other.

So for the example below, you would multiply 3 and 8, and 6 and 4. This would get you 24 for both.

* A reciprocal is when you multiply a rational to equal 1.
Some examples are:

REMINDER: finish your birdhouse!



  1. Great post, Melanie! What I liked about your post was that you italicized key lines and words which made them stand out. I also liked the way you drew the pictures and used different colours in the pictures which made it more clearer to understand. Your post was very easy to read. And I really like how you made the reminder about the birdhouse but I think that you could've added in what we had to get done for Monday such as catching up with the journal entries, problem of the week and the section 1.1 extra practice because we have to hand them in.

  2. Great job on your post Melanie! I like how you used italic for the key words. Good job on the pictures, they're very easy to understand and clear. Also, good job explaining what we did in class today. Next time you should add a video or link to help expand our knowledge about rational numbers and reciprocals. Keep up the excellent work! :D

  3. Great Job Melanie. Your post was very neat ,well explained and very organized.Your work was very easy to understand and with the words that you bolded really helped. Next a link, and a video might help for others that might need more information.

  4. Awesome job, Melanie! You post was very neat and easy to understand! Excellent job on the pictures too and using colors to make different things stand out. Good job explaining our work in class that day! Try adding a link or some videos to further improve your post but overall great job! :)

  5. Good job Melanie! Your post was neat and very organized. Also, it was easy to understand. I liked how you had a lot of color in your post, and I liked how you defined a few words. You did a great job, however, you could have added a link or video. But, you did a great job.

  6. Great job Melanie. Your post was organized and easy to read and understand. I liked how you used some colors and the right amount of it. I also like how you bolded the important things. Next time try adding a link or video to make it better, other than that, great job.