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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ivan's blog post

Build a birdhouse.

- Base 10x10cm

- Sides 20cm

- Middle 26cm

- Roof hangover 3cm

- Hole 2.5 cm in diameter

- Under cylinder pearch arm 4cm L, 1cm D

- Roof tiled 25cm*30cm tiles

- Make a net of the birdhouse!

- Find number of tiles needed

- Creat a design showing line of symmerty.

- Other side design showing rotational symmerty.

DUE MONDAY! + ALL journals, and POW.

Homework: - Journal writing. (What you learned about todays work.)

- Find rational numbers & understand what they mean.



  1. Good Job on this post Ivan! I liked how you gave the measurements of the birdhouse, but a picture could be good too! Also liked how you colored/bolded important words. But you forgot to put the information about the tiles. (3cmx2.5cm) Also it would have been better to say that this project is due on Monday! But overall, you did a great job for this post, including the homework. Keep it up.

  2. Good Job on your post Ivan. Your information had some important things like the Number theory. You should title the picture that. Also you did a good job saying what the bird house's measurements. Next time adding a picture would work and putting examples for rational would work too.

  3. Good job Ivan! Your scribe was easy to understand and was neat. Also, I liked how you had the number theory drawn onto the scribe, and the bird house project. Although, I think you should have added examples of rational numbers and a link/video into your scribe.

  4. Great post Ivan. I like how you used color to show the important words. Your post also looks neat and easy to read. I also liked how you told us about the project. I think you should have added some examples of rational numbers and you forgot that the project was also due on Monday. Other than that, great job Ivan.

  5. Nice post Ivan! Your post was very neat and I like how you used different colours to bold specific words. I like how you put what we had to do with the birdhouse and all the lengths.

  6. Good job putting what was needed to be included for our bird house however, you forgot to include the tiles. Good job on highlighting main words with different colors. Keep it up!

  7. Nice post, Ivan! It was neat and you used colors to compliment your post well. But I agree with Angel about forgetting to put the tiles, next time try adding a video or some links about rational numbers. Keep up the good work!

  8. Nice post Ivan! I liked how you included what we needed to do for our birdhouse. However, you forgot some stuff such as doing 2 of the 4 problems of the week on the BACK of your birdhouse. Also I think you could have made a picture of the birdhouse. Also I think you could have made the picture of the number chart bigger. Overall, good job!