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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Add and Subtract Rational Numbers in Fraction Form
To Add a Fraction
Step 1   Find a common denominator
Step 2   Use the sign rules to
Step 3   Add the numerator
Step 4   Simplify if possible


To Subtract a Fraction
Step 1   Find a common denominator
Step 2   Find the equivalent fraction
Step 3   Use the sign rules to
Step 4   Subtract the numerator
Step 5    Simplify if possible


To Multiply
Step 1   Change mixed number to improper fraction
Step 2   Multiply the numerator with the numerator and multiply the denominator with the denominator
Step 3   Use the sign rule    
Step 4   Simplify if possible


Everything in 2.3 
Read the 2.3 in textbook 


  1. Good job! I like how you put down the steps and included a picture with it. To improve your blog, I think you should've put the specific steps you used in your picture because I got confused with what you did. Also, next time include a link or video. Other than that, good job!

  2. Great job Jan. Your post good because you had the steps down but I would suggest that after each step you show a picture of the step, for example the first step. Other than that you did a good job.

  3. Good job including pictures as the example for your steps. Next time include a video and link! Keep up the good work.

  4. Great job on your Jan. I like your post because it shows a picture of the steps. Although, next time you should be more specific on doing the steps for the question. Also adding in a link and video might help with some better understandings.

  5. Good post Jan! I like how you put steps and pictures in your post. But next time add a video and link to further more explain fractions.

  6. Good job Jan! Your post was easy to understand and very neat. Not only that, but you explained things very well and clearly. You also had pictures and colors. You had a very good amount of information as well. Next time, try added a picture after you do a step so its a lot more clearer. Having a link or video will be great as well.

  7. Great job Jan. I liked how your post was neat, organized, and easy to read and understand. I also like you pictures, but next time try and make extra white parts of the picture go away. Other than that, great job.