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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finding Fractions

How to find a fraction between two given numbers:

One way:

1. Convert one or both numbers to a fraction
2. Find a common denominator
3. Find a numerator between the two numerators of the step 2 fractions


Another way:

1. Convert one or both numbers to a decimal
2. Find a decimal number between the two numbers
3. Convert to fraction
4. Find fraction in lowest terms if possible



Finish 2.1 in homework book and re-read the pages if you don't understand something.
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  1. Good job Kristel! I like how your scribe is very organized and understandable. Also, I like how you have pictures into your scribe. Putting down what was homework was good as well. Although, I think you should have added a link and or video that would explain fractions.Overall, you did a great job!

  2. Good Job Kristel! Your post was well explained. Also its great that your pictures are shown as the examples. The homework was also very helpful. Next time making the 2nd pictures font color into something darker would also work better.

  3. Goof job, Kristel! You post was very neat and organized. You also explained your work thoroughly. I liked how you added pictures but next time try adding a link or maybe even a video to help us understand fractions better. Great job on your first scribe post! :)

  4. Good job Kristel! I liked how you included an example while talking about the two different ways to find a fraction between two given decimals. Also how you used a picture to show this. However, I suggest that next time you use colours that are easy to see. The reminder of the homework was a good idea and so was the link to the Mangahigh site but maybe you could have included a video or so to give us a better understanding of the lesson in class. You could have also italicized or bolded important words. Good job on your first post!

  5. Great post Kristel! I like how you explained every step of how to find the fraction and drew diagrams too. Your post was very clear and easy to understand. Good job on posting what the homework was. Next time choose a color that's easier to read, also for your first picture.. I think you forgot the write 85 where the arrow is pointing down on you second step. Other than that, excellent job, keep it up!!

  6. Good job Kristel! Your scribe was very neat and organized. I liked how you explained everything so well. Also, you had diagrams to go with it. although, I think you should have colors that are easier to see because your colors are a bit too bright. Also, you should include a link or video. Although, good job!

  7. Great job Kristel. Your post was neat and organized. I liked how you used some colors. I also liked how you explained each step very clearly. Your diagrams were also very nice. Next time use a color that stands out, not like the second one, so it is easier to see and read. Other than that, great job.