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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rise and Run

January 27, 2012's class

Chapter 6

In class we learned more about finding the equation of a graph using rise and run. We had many examples.

Now we know what m is, we can put that in our equation to find y.
Remember the m is the slope or gradient and the b is the y intercept.
The m will be 4/7 and the b will be 1.

We put the results in a table:

Here's how we got the y using the equation:
= 4/7(1)+1 (you multiply 4/7 by 1)
=4/7+1 (you add 1 to 4/7)
=1 4/7

=8/7=1 (simplify 8/7 to 1 1/7)
=1 1/7+1
=2 1/7

We also did a problem where b=0.

Since b=0, then in the equation there doesn't need to be +b. We used 1 and 14 for x.

=28/3 (simplify 28/3 to 9 1/3)
=9 1/3

You call them by where they go through the line

Chapter 6.3
-all practice
-all apply
-try any 2 of extend
-Homework Book
-Save your Dumb Planet
-CYU question1 due monday

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  1. Great post Glenesse. Your detailed information really explained a lot from the picture. Also the way of explaining the rise and run. Next time maybe you can add a video or a link to have further information.