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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Multiplying and Dividing Monomials.

In class we learned how to multiply and divide monomials. We started off by doing some easy integer questions.

Multiplying monomials:

To start off we did a four questions they were:

(3)(2)= 6

(-4)(4)= -16


(5)(-6)= -30

then we got to harder questions

3(2x)= 6x "this means 3 groups of 2x"

we had to model it after wards


(-3y)(-2x)= 6xy

"I think that the answer turned out to be xy because if you multiply two numbers with different variables you're answer has to have a degree of two."

(3x)(-3x) = -9x^2 (squared)

"This is one became squared because if you multiply two variables and they are both the same you get 2nd degree or squared"

Dividing Monomials:

Similar to Multiplication we had to do some questions.

6/3= 3


16/-8= -2

-15/-3= 5.

6x/3= 2x

How to model division monomials.

very similar to the multiplication model.

-4xy/-2x= 2y


'' since there are two x's both of them get canceled out, leaving you with just the variable y''

-6y^2/2y= -3y

"since there were two y's on the first one, one gets canceled out and only one is left"

Not everything can get modeled for example:

-6^3/ -2x= 3x^2

"The reason for that is because we don't have anything to represent a cube."


7.1 read pp 254-259


Practise : odd/even

Apply: all

Extend : 24,26,27

Homework book :7.1

" The next scribbler is Ryan Bautista"

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  1. Great Post John. I liked how you have the diagrams for the questions. Next time maybe you should add diagrams and what they mean. Also maybe adding which part of the diagram is that part of the equation.