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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brandon's Blog Post

Adding Integers:
Positive added to positive is always positive, adding negative to negative is negative also. Adding to positive, keep sign of integer with greatest absolute value. positive added to negative do as negative added to positive.

Here are some examples:
1) 1+1 = 2
2) -2+-2 = -4
3) -3+2 = -1
4) 5+-2 = 3

Multiplying Integers:
Positive multiplied with positive is positive, however negative multiplied by negative is positive, negative multiplied with positive is negative, and positive multiplied by negative is always negative.

Here are some examples:
1) (2)(2) = 4
2) (-6)(-2)= 12
3)(-3)(3)= -9
4) (3)(-3)= -9

Adding and subtracting like terms:
6x²+3x-4y+5+5y+6x-7x²-7 (Remember that colours represent like terms)

Step 1 ) Collect like terms in order of degree and alphabet.


Step 2) Simplify


Removing brackets when combining like terms:
(4x+3) + (-6x-3)

Step 1) Look at the sign (+,-) in front of each bracket, if it is a (+) leave the signs in the bracket the same, remove the (+) and rewrite the question.



Step 2) Combine like terms

Step 3) Simplify


Here's another one:

(-3x+4) + (+5x-7) = -3x+4+5x-7
= -3x+5x+4-7
= 2x-3

(Remember to always write your work on the right!)

Combining like terms with negative brackets:

(-6x+7) - (-4x+2)

Step 1) Look at the sign (+,-) in front of each bracket, if it is a (-), multiply each term by negative one


Step 2) Combine like terms


Step 3) Simplify


Manga high
read pages 183-186
CYU #2, #4
Practice odd or even
apply # 13-22
Extend # 23-25
Page 2 Interaction sheet
Why did the donkey get a passport?
Why is it good to play cards in a graveyard?

The next person that will be doing the blog is

BJ Alcantara

p.s the colours and sizes won't work on my post.


  1. Nice post Brandon! Good job on including the steps and having the information for adding, multiplying etc.. It would've been better if the colors did appear but good try. Keep it up.

  2. God Post Brandon. I understand that colour and size won't work but maybe you shouldn't leave too much spaces between the topi and the examples. Also great job having all the needed information to do the integers.