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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jocelle's Post

1.)Formula for the area of a square
A= s² (side x side)
2.)Formula for area of a rectangle
A= lw or lh (length x width)(length x height)
3.)Formula for area of a triangle
A= bh/2
4.)Formula for area of a circle
A= πr²
5.)Formula for a circumference
C= πd
6.)Diameter is equal to?
D= 2r or D= C/π
7.)Radius is equal to?
R= d/2
8.)Perimeter of a triangle formula
P= s+s+s
9.)Perimeter for a rectangle formula
P= s+s+s


What's the 3d shape of the net?

Surface Area of a cube:
SA= 6s²
SA= 6(2²)
SA= 6 (4)
SA= 24 u²

What's the 3d shape of the net?

SA= lw
SA= 4lw + 2s²
SA= 4(4)(3) + 2 (3²)
SA= 4(12) + 2(9)
SA= 48 + 18
SA= 66u²

Homework:1.3 Homework Book


  1. Great Job, Jocelle! :) I liked how your post was really neat. Also how you bolded/colored the words and even reminded us about the homework yesterday! Keep it up.

  2. Good job Jocelle! I liked it that your post uses certain colors to show different things. Your information and pictures are clear and I like the fact you added what BEDMAS stood for. Next time try and find a video, but overall fantastic for the first post!

  3. Good job, Jocelle. Your post is very neat and it is very organized. I like how you alternate colors for some words, and for number 9 isn't the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle, s+s+s+s, other than that an excellent job!

  4. Great job, Jocelle! I liked how you used colors to highlight and make different things stand out. Your post was very neat and organized which makes it easy to read. I agree with Kevin about finding a video but other than that, job well done :)

  5. Great Job Jocelle. I liked how you put different colors for a question and separate them from the answer. The pictures also made the explanation better. Next time if possible, adding a link or video would make it better.

  6. Good job Jocelle! I really liked how you bolded the word BEDMAS and highlighted all of the first letters of bedmas. I also liked how you highlighted other words to so it stands out more. I also agree with kevin about finding a video but besides that good job!

  7. Good job Jocelle! I thought that when you used different colours on key words that it really stood out and was a very smart idea. I noticed a mistake "9.)Perimeter for a rectangle formula
    P= s+s+s" I'm pretty sure that there are 4 sides in a rectangle. So next time make sure to check over your work and your notes. I also like looking at your pictures because they were very easy to see. I thought you did a good job on the first blog!

  8. Great job Jocelle! I liked how you included pictures and also how you made the important words pop out by changing the colours. I also like how you talked about the homework for today which is good especially for those who forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder! I also found the same error that you made that some of the others found as well which is the perimeter of a rectangle. It isn't s+s+s, it's s+s+s+s. Just make sure to edit your work and make sure everything is accurate and correct. Another nice thing that I thought you did was remind us what BEDMASS stands for. Some things I think you could have done to improve you blog post are to explain to us in words how you got your answers and also maybe including a video and some links to help those of us who don't understand the work we did today. Other than that, you did a really good job! Keep up the good work! :)

  9. Nice post Jocelle! I like how you coloured the key words a different colour so that it stands out. The layout of your blog is also very well organized. I also like how you added pictures to your blog. Next time, double check your work before you post it so you don't make any mistakes and try adding a video next time! Overall, good job!

  10. Good job Jocelle! Your blog was really organized and easy for me to read and understand. I like how you showed the net and then the 3D shape of the net. Your post really helped me with my homework! I agree with everyone else that you should add a video next time! :)

  11. Great job Jocelle! Your blog was really neat and well organized. The pictures were really clear and easy to understand. I liked how you used different colors for important things like "B.E.D.M.A.S." You really helped some people because they were away, like me. I found a mistake where the perimeter for a rectangle was suppose to s+s+s+s, not s+s+s. I also agree that putting a video and a link would make it a little bit better, but other than that, you did great on the first blog post.

  12. Good job Jocelle! Your blog was very organized, and well written. Not only that, but you included various images that helped explain your statements. I also definitely liked how you highlighted key points/ideas that were important in that days lesson. On the other hand, you made a mistake in the formulas. Also, adding a video/link or two would have improved your scribe, but excluding that, you did a great job!

  13. Good job, Jocelle! I like how your post has colour, pictures and was organized. Also, the way you made BEDMAS stand out was terrific! Though, next time you should try adding in a video and some links. Overall you did great! Keep it up.

  14. Great job Jocelle! I liked how you highlighted all of the important words and reminded us what the meanings of bedmas is. Your diagrams are very clear and easy to understand. Good job on labelling the net and showing what the formula is. Next time add a video and a link. Keep up the good work :D

  15. Nice job Jocelle! I liked how you emphasized all of the important parts that needs to be showcased. Make sure you double check your work because I saw a few mistakes in the formulas. Also add a video and link to your post. Nice post!