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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ishaka's Blog Post

During our math class on Friday we didn't do much because we had an evacuation drill, but we answered question 4 a) from page 32 with the enitre class.

Question a) was asking us to find the surface area of a 3D shape.

(Question 4 a) as a net)


We had to split the 2 sides into to parts because we didn't have a formula that would help us with that kind of shape.


After spliting the two sides into two parts, we started to label A1, A2, A3, and A4, for the parts that were the same to help us with the formula.

(There are 3 A2's because both the tops equal the base, and there are also 3 A1's because both the fronts equal the back.)


Now that we had all the information that we needed to find the surface area, we just filled in the information into our formula.

S.A = 2(A1) + 2(A2) + 2(A3) + 2(A4)
2(lw) + 2(lw) + 2(s^2) + 2(lw)
2(4.5) + 2(2.5) + 2(2^2) + 2(2.1)
40 + 20 + 8 + 4 = 72units^2

HOMEWORK: Page 32 #'s 4 - 9, and also write in your math journal.

John will be doing the next blog post.


  1. Great Job on this post Ishaka! I liked how you showed step by step on how we did our work. Also how you told why we had to split the two sides in half. Also, how you colored important words and this post was very neat. Keep it up! :)

  2. Goood job Ishaaka! Like what Thessa said, I also liked how you showed the steps. Good job on including pictures and making it easy to understand. Keep it up :)

  3. Nice job Ishaka! I like how your photos are bolded so that it's clear. I found it useful that you have broken up what we were taught into steps. I suggest moving the words side either out of the rectangle or fit it closer, because in the other steps it gets cut off. Keep up the good work though!

  4. Great job Ishaka! I like how you explained the steps to this question with detail. It was also easy to read. I really like how you wrote which sides were the equal to other sides. Overall, great job!

  5. Good job Ishaka! I really like how you explained exactly how we did that question in class. However you could have edited your work because I found one error. "We had to split the 2 sides into to parts" "to" should have been "two. But I liked how you made some words pop out from the rest by changing the colours. I think that you could have changed the colours of the labels on your pictures just to make them stand out more. Also, it was nice that you reminded us of the homework. Over all, great work!

  6. Great job Ishaka! I really like how you explained every step clearly and made it easy to understand. I also like that you added pictures to make it more easier to understand what you are saying. Overall, good job!

  7. Great job Ishaka!!
    I really like how you explained that we split the sides into two parts and why. I also like how your pictures are labelled and on grid paper to make it easier to see the lengths. Keep it up!

  8. Great Post Ishaka. Your steps and pictures of the net was very detailed. You also explained them really well, but at the end when you showed the Surface Area it was kind of confusing. Overall, Its great and adding extras like links or videos might also improve your post.

  9. Great job Ishaka! I liked how you explained the things we did in class clearly. Your pictures were also nice and your post was organized. I think you should have aligned the formulas so it would be easier to read and understand. Also add a video and/or link to make your post a little better. Other than that, great job Ishaka.

  10. Good job Ishaka! I really liked how you explained how to find the surface area of a 3D object step by step. It was really clear! Also, I liked how you used pictures to explain your post. Although, I think you should have added a video or link to expand our knowledge but overall you did great!

  11. Good job Ishaka! I like how you explained the method by steps, and how you included pictures as well as words how to do it. Few things I would suggest is putting a link, other than my suggestion, you did a fine job on your post.

  12. Good job Ishaka! I liked that you showed step by step in this problem! I also thought that you shouldn't have typed so much because I prefer to see what you're trying to explain. I thought your pictures were nice. Also when you write your equation you should each everything a lined. Good job!